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18 Ways to build wealth during a recession

Did you know there are at least 18 simple ways you can build wealth during a recession?  Some of the top ways you can arm yourself during a recession are to learn to invest, look for heavily discounted stocks, buy gold, and don’t forget that you shouldn’t overlook your company’s 401(k) program!  Ready to read more?

18 Ways to build wealth during a recession:
  1. Learn to Invest – A recession is the best time to start investing because you can buy into the stock market at a discount
  2. Look for Stocks That are Heavily Discounted – For long-term investors, recessions make a great time to add more shares to their holdings
  3. Buy Gold – Purchasing gold at the start of a recession is another sure way to grow wealth as a recession deepens
  4. Don’t Overlook Your Company’s 401(k) Program – If your company offers a match, it’s very smart to start contributing to your 401(k). This will provide an immediate 100 percent return on your money via the employer’s match

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