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Juan Carlos Cruz

Juan Carlos Cruz, Financial Professional and Founder of Britewater Financial Group, works hard to help his clients gear towards financial freedom in retirement with little risk. After 18 years in the financial industry, Juan has vast knowledge in designing financial plans that are built around fulfilling his client’s financial objectives.

Along with his years of experience, he earned a degree in Business Administration from Fort Lauderdale College, as well as certifications in software development. His education didn’t stop there- Juan went on to become a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and Life and Health Agent. These designations set him out amongst the rest, allowing him to offer his clients in depth knowledge on a vast range of topics. 

Juan’s roots were planted in the Dominican Republic but he now resides in the concrete jungle- Brooklyn, New York. Juan is no stranger to the value of hard work and resilience after experiencing the trials of the 2008 recession. He had to rebuild his career from the ground up, and through that experience he learned better how to navigate through sudden market changes.

Juan has a 24-year-old son, whom he considers to be his greatest achievement. He admires the vitality of his parent’s marriage, still thriving after decades. He credits their stability to their secure financial state, and that they didn’t fight about money throughout their years together. Juan loves to travel and collects mugs from all of his destinations. He owns a home in Miami that he escapes to during the brutal, New York City winters.



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