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Proudly featured in the media!

Britewater Financial Group is continuously featured in the media for our knowledge and years of experience in the financial industry.

Bankrate: "The economy is fragile, and while the economy is in this state, the Fed will continue to keep interest rates very low."
Bankrate: "Additional income always helps with qualification, this is an easy way to reduce your DTI ratio - but be sure your co-borrower has little to no debt and a high credit score."
U.S. News & World Report: "Cruz asks new clients about their retirement picture - when they hope to retire and what that retirement will ideally look like."
Bankrate: "If you're not sure which mortgage is right for you, talking to a loan officer can help you narrow down your options."
GOBankingRates: "Healthcare costs usually climb with inflation, so a good indicator of what may happen is to follow the inflation index."
U.S. News & World Report: "No matter how old you are, you need to have a debt payoff plan."
Fox Business: "If you get in trouble with a personal loan, contact your lender and see if they can work out a forbearance or restructure the agreement."
Newsday: "You can afford to borrow more with less qualifying income. To a young adult, this could be an amazing opportunity because they can borrow so cheaply."
NextAdvisor: "instead of you taking a large loan and making payments back to the bank, the bank actually makes payments to you."
GOBankingRates: "The HYCD works just like a regular CD, but may require a higher balance than other CDs and to hold for a longer period of time."
U.S. News & World Report: "[Retirees] have to face the realization of having to reduce their lifestyle or to look for other sources to help fill in retirement income gaps."
PLANADVISER Magazine: "This is how you can bridge the income needed today from Social Security and be able to grow your full Social Security income by a significant amount."
Cheapism: "If your company offers a match, it's very smart to start contributing to your 401(k). This will provide an immediate 100 percent return on your money via the employer's match."
Forbes: "We know now more than ever our health is at risk and that we may experience unexpected medical expenses."
The Wall Street Journal: "Just do your due diligence; you may be surprised on some of the flexibility these schools may allow, especially during these pandemic times."